Our Nursery

Our Nursery

Tiny Bears

Philosophy of the Tiny Bears Room
We aim to encourage our babies to become independent and interested as they explore the world around them. We hope through our communication with them they will develop in confidence and form good bonds with those around them.

  • This area is fully equipped for the non-mobile and toddling children with an assortment of toys to encourage and develop the curious minds of this age group.
  • Our book area comprises of comfy cushions for relaxing, reading and quiet cuddle time.
  • Our young children are developing life skills whilst playing with the mini kitchen and food and dressing up.
  • Our soft play and sensory den are excellent resources for developing gross motor skills, and self-confidence.
  •  The mirrors around the room encourage recognition and an inquisitive mind.
  • The room is totally carpeted for the comfort of our crawling, rolling, toddling babies but the open plan room next to theirs is non slip flooring where the babies can access art and messy play and this area is used for eating too!
  • Our babies have access to their very own garden which they are encouraged to crawl/walk to, as it is just past the art room. It is covered with artificial grass so the babies can crawl safely, and has a variety of toys, climbing frames and a slide just for them.
  • Also used by the babies at times throughout the day is our main undercover play area with a large sandpit as well as a wood chipped area, which has a double baby swing.
What OFSTED says "Staff provide a warm and welcoming environment and babies benefit from a cosy and nurturing playroom and all children choose from a good range of toys for themselves."

Little Bears

Philosophy of the Little Bears Room
We aim to develop their sharing skills further through encouraging language development, helping the children to become inquisitive with the new experiences we offer them, and have lots of fun! We will build on their interests and enthusiasm to investigate all the exciting opportunities that are around them.

  • The Little Bears Room is lots of fun with so many activities to keep our young adventurers interested and involved...
  • We have a great cosy den for reading books, resting and chatting with our friends
  • Lots of art and messy play activities including painting, sticking, drawing and water play.
  • There is a low level train track and small world activities
  • A wonderful home corner with a great kitchen and pretend play, and it overlooks our nature garden so we can watch the squirrels and birds.
  • This room is ideally equipped for caring for this age group, including having their own nappy changing and toilets which are easily accessed off the base room, to avoid any accidents while potty training.
  • The room overlooks the garden area where the children can experience all the outdoor opportunities we have to offer.
  • For those little ones who still need a little nap we have a large sleep room where they can rest and recharge, ready for an action packed afternoon!
What OFSTED says "Younger children explore many different media and materials. they squished their fingers through custard and made collage pictures.  This encourages children to use their senses and develop their creativity".

Big Bears

 Philosophy of the Big Bears Room
We are trying to develop the children's independence skills, feelings of self worth, peer support and respect as well as confidence to try and try again. A lot of the activities in the art area are based on D.I.Y so the children can complete an activity without support and get a feeling of achievement from what they have done.

  •  In the big bears room we are keen to develop the children’s independence and there are a wide range of self chosen activities.
  • We have a large playhouse – this is on 2 levels, with a cosy den underneath with cushions where children can relax with a toy or a book, or they can have a chat or take dolls to play with. Upstairs is set up as a kitchen with a table and chairs so children can develop play skills and communication.  
  • A separate role play area (changed weekly) allows children to explore and investigate different job roles using a variety of media to help them.
  • We have an assortment of construction materials & equipment to develop hand eye co-ordination. These include  threading and pattern forming, beads and puzzles which help connecting and spacial awareness to name but a few.
  • Toys are available to access when they are inside and children are encouraged and praised for the in depth learning they sometimes achieve from using a variety of materials together and in different ways to achieve their end result.
  • Art in the preschool room is always available. Adults will, at times lead an activity to encourage children on a learning path or they will leave the materials to be investigated however the children see fit.
  • Play dough, sticking, cutting, water, sand, & sensory items  are all on offer along with a separate mark making table.
  • Children are involved in adult led activities which are planned from children’s interests, developmental needs and next steps in their learning. We do these in a separate room so that children have the time, space and quietness in a small group away from the bustling rooms to create, think and move their learning forward with an adult involved to support this. Our children love this time and it can be quite difficult to finish an activity when they get involved!!  
  • What OFSTED says  "The quality of teaching is good. Staff plan and monitor children's learning effectively. This helps children achieve the next steps in their learning and reinforces what they have recently learnt. Staff provide lots of focused group activities to meet children's individual learning needs.
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